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New single out and we are very happy for all DUB-FUNK fans to get a chance to shake yo rump to this toe stomping jam! Show your support by adding us to your playlist on Spotify and Apple music so be cool people and if you can't be that be funky!!


Great news 2 Tribes has gotten 7383 plays on Spotify so thx so much to all the people that listen to the jam!

Galactic Funk 30/30 

It's finally released this record with featured artist Blake bringing to you a new genre we call DUB-FUNK! We are very excited about this release with having many set backs with the mixing and mastering the KingZiLLa took it upon himself to do it. The results was finally satisfaction and now we have something that we feel will tickle your ear hole, so relax slip dip and trip off Galactic Funk 30/30!!


What up people! On 4/23/18 my 1st single from my new record Land Of The Suckerpuss will be released on all digital sites including here on the kingZilla page.


With the end of another day in Las Vegas I heavily started thinking about what moving forward means. For me it's been putting a plan in motion regardless of what people think, digging in deep to achieve what will make you happy at the end of the road. Amazing what you are willing to do for the sound of music.


When your producer ask you to record vocals for a song unexpectantly you must rise to the occasion, so my day is finally ending after getting this done. I feel good about it because the project is moving forward with great results.

For The Children 

A cool thing happen in Las Vegas today top chefs from hotels all over the valley helped with over 100 schools through Nevada to teach children about proper nutrition and how to grow their own food. This is awesome Nevada!! Teaching are kids about the good things to eat helps cut down on so many things for there health. RIGHT ON!!


As today went by like most days i started thinking about the music that had the biggest influence on me. One of my favorite bands of all time was Parliament / Funkadelic, so i pulled out one of my favorite records by them Motor Booty Affair!! Aqua Boogie was the cut back in the day, still is as far as i'm concerned the funk is real and knee deep!!! So let me know who is one of your favorite bands and a song by them.


Hey everyone thx for checking out my web page, there are so many things in the works which means lots of music and fun times. So today has been a long day working on tracks. The song IZZY being produced by BboyWicket is kickin!! Now with that being said it's time to chill so goodnight everyone!


2 Tribes new single on all digital sites