Kevyn was born in Albany, New York and started listening to music at a very young age. Becoming a musician has always been a dream and aspiration for him. He was influenced by everything from rock, blues to funk, country and gospel. At the age of 17 he took to playing the drums in the church in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio. By 1992, he played with a band called Liberty Zoo, and won the Battle of the Bands for alternative rock. Kevyn's big break came when working with producer Suga Pop where he got his first record deal with group Cassiusslade and was signed to Pony Canyon Records. 

After touring with the band Kevyn, finally settled down in 1997 with Kenneth Field Entertainment where he played in the Madhattan Show at New York New York Hotel and Casino. From this he got the opportunity to play on TV shows such as Entertainment Tonight, The Home and Family Show and also in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Inner City games, as well as the Oakrigde Boys Holiday TV Special.

In 2003 the opportunity came up to work with Richard Dashut (producer of Fleet Wood Mac) on Myutopia Records with Suga Pop and is still working with him today in various projects. Kevyn feels at home and grounded with the opportunity to write and play his music through the Kingzilla project.